The accompaniment of senescence: the raison d’être of exponential medicine

THREE stages will follow one another, each of them conditioning the future of the next.

The expression of exponential medicine is the prevention and accompaniment of old age: a process of cellular slow down that is an unavoidable but modular phenomenon, more or less rapid.

The three fundamental stages of senescence are progressive according to age:

  • From 50 to 55 years old
  • From 55 to 75 years old
  • From 75 to 90 years old

In addition, there is a crucial period over 5 years that will have a determining influence on the following periods. For women, this crucial period occurs from 50 to 55 years of age while for men the dates will be shifted by 10 years, that is to say that the first phase is between 60 and 65 according to our observations.


Exponential medicine tackles the different failures linked to age, knowing that ageing is not identical for everyone. The treatment will therefore be specific to each individual.

In phase 1, in women, organic failures occur after menopause: endocrine system, osteoarticular system, osteoporosis, cognitive balance, digestive system and cardiovascular control.

This is a crucial stage in which certain pathological incidences due to epigenetics (genetic heredity) can be found and corrected.

The control criteria are the global study of the socio-professional, medical and physical environment, the family history and the chronic or medicated medical history.


Each step will focus on proposing a vitamin and trace element nutritional program that will slow down the aging process and allow for a harmonious and balanced life, but everything is done in step 1 for a harmonious continuation.


Step 2 focuses on correcting age-related organic deficiencies in the heart, eyes, memory and osteoarticular system.


In stage 3, the treatment focuses on the existential well-being with the physiological and cognitive balances, which have become delicate over time.


In this treatment, it is all a question of common sense, because let’s not forget that the only way to live for a long time IS TO AGE WELL, that is to say without becoming dependent, impotent or intellectually impaired.

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