The sharp increase in new technology at the beginning of our 21st century is causing us to re-examine our systems of health care and health preservation. We are not talking about TRANSHUMANITY, but we are asserting here that it is the basis for an innovative type of medicine called exponential medicine.

Since the dawn of time, medicine has used substances produced by plants. The industrial age knew how to reproduce molecules and their active principles in order to increase production, to facilitate development and to make them available in greater quantities.

But the by-product of the synthesis of these medications, necessary for the treatment of wide-ranging severe pathologies, was an increase in the side-effects of synthetic molecules and the deterioration of some human tissue because of its inability to recognize or absorb these molecules.

Fashion and fads embraced by the public since the end of the 20th century to improve their quality of life have spawned a number of small private laboratories offering products called “nutritional supplements”. The molecules and the transporters of these nutritional supplements come from agri-food sources but they are subject to very little testing and are easily issued under the legislative framework for medications. As a result, they are often ineffective and do not meet public expectations.

Led by the Doctor Roger LECURIEUX-CLERVILLE, the team at RLC Systems Laboratory has developed a name that applies to molecules and their effects at the same time:


(Natural Substances with Positive Health Benefits)

The acronym implies more than just a simple labelling of the substances: it presupposes that the positive effects on health have been recognized and validated. NSPHBs will be part of the modern toolkit for exponential medicine, with a positive effect on the organs, permitting preservation of the human body’s metabolism. If TRANSHUMANITY foresees transplants of damaged or sick organs, NSPHBs will enable taking charge of the body’s functioning before and after organ transplants, whenever they are necessary.

The term NSPHB requires:

  • That the molecule be from a natural source,
  • That the production site of the molecule be known,
  • That the type of storage and conservation of the molecule be optimized following rules for the least amount of breakdown,
  • That the main benefit of the molecule be validated by studies that are scientifically recognized and undisputed,
  • That the synergies between the substances themselves and between the substances and the body be monitored and validated.

The NSPHB are a result of the code of ethics for the use of natural substances and are the basic elements of research into directed improvement of aging and the optimisation of the functioning of the body and its conservation.

These axes of research constitute innovative exponential medicine wherein the primary goal is continued well-being and the limitation of the cellular aging process.

The second goal of this innovative medicine is intellectual and physical improvement.

The third objective is the repair of certain degenerative pathologies, for example, osteoarthritis.