Exponential Medicine or quality of life medicine

Exponential medicine is the application of transhumanist theory to the extension of longevity so that sickness and aging are no longer viewed as fatal. It is an exactness medicine considering each patient as a single case.

Led by Doctor Roger LECURIEUX-CLERVILLE and specializing in exponential medicine, the team at RLC Systems Laboratory invents and creates for each of its patients, a customised combination of natural molecules (see article on NSPHB under the menu “Supplements”) to address individual deficiencies and health problems.

 With the help of biology, computers and artificial intelligence, the team is developing a holistic strategy to allow the human body to function better. Beyond the nutrition and medical advice aimed at maintaining the balance, exponential medicine aims at regenerating the organism and its immune defence systems when it would have otherwise been weakened by traditional chemical or radiation therapy for widespread degenerative diseases. This is where exponential medicine demonstrates the full scope of its efficiency: it functions not only in disease prevention but also in the framework of care.

 Exponential medicine involves:

taking the fundamentals of medical science to implement everything that is useful,

– utilising all existing resources to improve the functioning of the body and to make it interact positively with its environment.

Exponential medicine has 5 phases:

 Phase 1: Assessment

In order to be complete, it must be four-fold:

  • clinical assessment
  • biological assessment
  • nutritional assessment
  • medicinal assessment

 Phase 2: Profile

Customised for each patient, it considers:

  • food intolerance
  • over-medication
  • lifestyle
  • pH balance

 Phase 3: Adjustment

This phase is the most technical and takes into account:

  • nutrition: elimination of food toxins and all types of agents which contribute to cell degradation;
  • supplementation: of vitamins, trace elements and Natural Substances with Positive Health Benefits (NSPHB) to address deficiencies, balance metabolism and obtain cellular harmonisation;
  • physical activity: as required for each case.

 Phase 4: Verification

The benefits of the adjustments set up in Phase 3 are evaluated through clinical and biological assessments 3 months later. The treatment is readjusted according to results.

In addition, a human genomic analysis is performed through a DNA test (with a Finnish partner laboratory) in order to interpret the gene pool and observe genes’ activity and gene-expression: regular or defective.

By doing so, we can perform a global analysis and make suggestions in 3 fields:

  • nutrition
  • life-style
  • physical activity

Quality of life optimization through these suggestions stops the evolution of degenerative diseases and enhances well-being as well as physical performances.

In case of heavy lack, the rectification will be boosted by oligo-elements and vitamins supplementation associated with nutrition.

 Phase 5: Reassessment

Once a year, a detailed consultation will confirm the course of treatment in order to improve results in the long run.

 The balance of health is achieved by the elimination of toxins and cellular harmonisation. This allows for the preservation of each individual’s physical and intellectual capacities as long as possible.

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